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15 Latest Free Woodworking Plans

Maggs Pine Rack - (view this plan)

by Mag Ruffman
Sample Image For Maggs Pine Rack

Create a great rack to hang your coats and bags on when you walk in the door. While this may not be the best seller at the flea market, nor will it be the most desired gift this Christmas, it is a ver...

Posted In Category: Racks

Cinnamon Spice Boxes - (view this plan)

by Madeleine Langlois
Sample Image For Cinnamon Spice Boxes

Creating a wonderful smelling spice box is only a few steps away. This makes a great gift that you can make with your children for their teachers and relatives. Nothing says love like a hand-made gift...

Posted In Category: Boxes

A Decorative Wall Shelf - (view this plan)

by Family Handyman
Sample Image For A Decorative Wall Shelf

This is a very handsome wall shelf unit. Ever needed a little bit more space but didn't want to put up a board on the wall for aesthetic reasons? This shelf plan will guide you to making a great looki...

Posted In Category: Shelves

Backyard Birdhouse - (view this plan)

by Family Handyman
Sample Image For Backyard Birdhouse

Follow the plans here to create a one-of-a-kind birdhouse that will have your neighbors jealous. This birdhouse looks like it would be difficult to build, but with the great instructions from FamilyHa...

Posted In Category: Birdhouses

Wooden Castle Puzzle - (view this plan)

by Shop Smith
Sample Image For Wooden Castle Puzzle

Creating a wooden castle puzzle is a fun scroll saw project that you can do in a weekend. The result is a beautiful puzzle that looks good and is fun to build. The durability of a wooden puzzle is ...

Posted In Category: Toys

Folding Luggage Stand - (view this plan)

by Shop Smith
Sample Image For Folding Luggage Stand

Ever gone to a hotel and seen that nice little luggage stand sitting in the corner? It is a useful thing to have laying around in a hotel room, but why not offer the same to your guests? With these...

Posted In Category: Stands

Homemade Mason Jar Gumball Machine - (view this plan)

by Shop Smith
Sample Image For Homemade Mason Jar Gumball Machine

Enjoy this wonderful handcrafted gumball machine and there is no need to put any money into it! This little guy deposits a gumball with the swish of a little peg. Just slide the peg, get the gumbal...

Posted In Category: Miscellaneous

The Dancing Duck - (view this plan)

by Shop Smith
Sample Image For The Dancing Duck

It is a hot summer day, and the much needed rain is pouring outside. Now you are stuck inside with nothing to do, but have no fear I have a solution. The Dancing Duck is a perfect rainy day project...

Posted In Category: Toys

Turn Your Own Chess Set - (view this plan)

by Shop Smith
Sample Image For Turn Your Own Chess Set

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I love the game of chess. Anyone who knows me will also tell you that they won't play a game with me ever again... Oh well, enough about me and my problems, c...

Posted In Category: Toys

Wooden Toy Crane - (view this plan)

by Shop Smith
Sample Image For Wooden Toy Crane

This wooden toy crane is fun to build and quite challenging. The end result is a neat little toy that will last for years to come. Kids love this kind of toy and with a magnetized crane they will b...

Posted In Category: Toys

Pecking Chickens Toy - (view this plan)

by Shop Smith
Sample Image For Pecking Chickens Toy

This is a great money making toy that will sell to the old and the young. Now if you are not after making money, and just want one of these bad boys for yourself don't feel too bad. Kids are intrig...

Posted In Category: Toys

Porch Swing - (view this plan)

by Shop Smith
Sample Image For Porch Swing

Reading a book inside is fun, but there is just something missing... The outdoors! Build this swing then you will have a place to read in the sun and enjoy the nature around you.

Ok, so ...

Posted In Category: Outdoor

Weather Resistant Patio Table - (view this plan)

by Shop Smith
Sample Image For Weather Resistant Patio Table

This table is easy to make and even easier to modify the design to make it larger or smaller. Just follow the simple free plans and your on your way to having a beautiful patio table. After buildin...

Posted In Category: Outdoor

Roll Around Barbeque Cart - (view this plan)

by Shop Smith
Sample Image For Roll Around Barbeque Cart

How many times have you had to walk back and forth from the kitchen to the grill? I know I have to do it.. and my grill is down stairs and the kitchen is upstairs. One thing that would make this mu...

Posted In Category: Outdoor

Pasta Making Utensils - (view this plan)

by Shop Smith
Sample Image For Pasta Making Utensils

Check out these 3 pasta making utensils that will have you creating pasta like a pro. Not a whole lot to say about these handy little tools other than the fact that they are easy to make, sell easy...

Posted In Category: Miscellaneous

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